Wednesday, March 17, 2010

K's 4th birthday party, ie. princesspalooza

Ah K, I know how deeply smitten you are with disney princesses, especially with one particular snoozing princess. And I know I can get you to eat steamed broccoli with promises of Disney world sometime in the remote future. And so imagine my happy amazement at your agreeing to have a 4th birthday party that involved not a drip drop of disney...

the birthday banner with illegible gold lettering (oops!)

colored by you, the birthday girl!

edible candy pearls. yum!

your favorite chocolate bars (kit kats, of course).

preparing for the princess show-down.

tissue paper flowers. 6 hours of folding and sewing. only for my own flesh and blood; you couldn't pay me enough.

favor bags for the fellow princesses.

the royal tea party table.

craft: build your own bling bag

tea time!

baby sister S gets in on the chocolate drizzled strawberry pops action.

blindfolding for the pin the tiara on the princess game.

a tie??

hugs all around!

wishing for more princess dresses??

the way a real princess eats a cupcake - with frosting shamelessly smeared on your nose.

S after bingeing on 5 chocolate strawberries and overdue for a nap by about 5 hours. where the after-party at?

our gracious princess. thanks for coming everyone!

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