Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mother's Day personality disorder

It still feels strange to celebrate Mother's Day as both daughter and mother. I was startled when strangers wished me a "happy mother's day" when they saw me and k together on Sunday.

Me? A Mother?

Sometimes I feel like I'm merely a benevolent guardian over k. I mean, I don't knit, sew or bake - can I still be a mother? For a vacation, I'd rather take k to napa valley rather than disney world - am I still a mother? I wear dangly earings from time to time, don't shop at Ann Taylor (because I like to wear pants that don't make my butt resemble a flat pancake), and still listen to hip hop - what kind of mother am I??

I hope k understands that the cloak of traditional motherhood doesn't fit me very well but that in place of being chauferred to soccer practices in a honda pilot suv, she'll appreciate the other ways we can bond as mother and daughter. For example, playing hide and seek under the table while mommy finishes her Sunday brunch!