Sunday, May 15, 2011

If I blog, will time bend to my will??

Time is moving at a terrifyingly fast pace. We've been in NJ nearly 7.5 months and I have approximately 1348 pictures to show for it but I've processed nothing that has happened within that span of time. It's challenging to take the time to really absorb all the wonders of your child's mental and emotional growth when you are yourself on the brink of mental and emotional breakdown and you are operating in survival mode. But tra la la la, why allow the boring realities of adults hamper the nonstop fun of children.
I am hoping that if I, for the umpteenth time, make an effort to document my days with the girls, time will slow for me. I will linger over each day's details in the evening and relive it all and time will not progress linerally but will do a few loopy loops as I refuse to move forward until I have revisited the past.

A (rare) family pic on K's 5th birthday.