Thursday, April 16, 2009

K's 3rd birthday: Pinwheels and Polka dots

The invitation

The favors (painted with the initial of each guest)

The favors packaged


More banners! (still mildly arthritic from cutting out a jillion triangles)

The spread (would you be surprised to know that there are very few foods that are naturally pink?)

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry puree-cream cheese frosting

Can't have a pinwheel party without pinwheels

Polka dots galore (yes, I wrapped those chocolates with polka dot gift wrap. insanity, thy name is mommyhood)

The birthday girl blowing out some very tall candles in her birthday crown. Happy birthday K!! Can mommy take a nap now??


Linda said...

Gorgeous party! (followed a link here from Ohdeedoh) What are those lovely looking sticks at the front of the 7th picture? Yum!

futomaki said...

You had a lovely party, don't you?

Congratulations, K, you're a big girl now!

Could you please tell how did you do the garlands? I loooove them. Absolutely. I'm planning a party for my daughter soon and it would be a huge surprise for her. Thank you very much!


P.S. Sorry about my poor English, I'm Spanish and my English is a bit rusted.

Naomi's mom said...

your blog is great, i saw your birthday pics on Ohdeedoh. Love the pink! just curious, what material did you make your banners out of? It looks like cloth? I'm trying to come up with a similar look for my daughters birthday party next month..
btw, did you go to redeemer?

susan said...

Wow, I'm stunned that someone other than my husband and best friend would comment on my blog! Welcome! Sorry for the late reply to your queries -

Linda: Those are white chocolate (with pink food dye)covered pretzel sticks. Pretty to look at and a definite sugar high.

Futomaki: My garlands were inspired by this post on purl bee - The only thing I modified were the shapes (I found triangles were easier to cut out).
I also ordered all the fabric from purlsoho!

Naomi's mom: The garland fabric is just cotton and I ordered it from
Yes, I did go to redeemer! Have we met???

Linda said...

Delicious! Thanks!