Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pop Quiz

How often do you wonder what type of mother you are/will be? This seemingly complex and tremendously important matter can easily be resolved by contemplating the following scenario:

Your nearly 13 month old toddler refuses to take her regular afternoon nap (which affords you time to eat/nap/email/do windsor pilates). You do which one of the following in response:

a) Lovingly hold and coddle her for as long as it takes for her to nap.
b) Let her skip the afternoon nap and go about your daily routine, which includes playing peek-a-boo 10 times 10 to the power of infinity.
c) Plunk her down in front of the Wiggles and make yourself a double scotch, straight up.

Yup, K missed her afternoon nap today, which in a SAHM's world is the equivalent of having a bad hair day on the morning of your senior prom, after your dream date calls to say he's in the emergency room with food poisoning. And there is a meteor-sized zit in that space betwen your eyes.
Needless to say, we all survived this episode of missed-nap (there wasn't a drop of scotch to be found in the house but I did scrounge up some dark chocolate). It is my firm belief that toddlers come closest to their angelic origins when they are fast asleep, as the evidence clearly shows...

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christine mi said...

haha - they sure are adorable when asleep. i think i would do option B. let the baby keep playing until he is so tired he falls over by himself and doesn't protest the nap a few hours later. option A wouldn't work because he would complain about having to lie still in my arms - those days are long gone. option C sounds good, but i have no tolerance, so i'd be passed out useless.