Saturday, April 7, 2007

Another cold!

K has another cold. This makes it her 3rd in 12.5 months (children normally average 8-10 per year but of course k was quarantined from germ-ridden society most of her newborn life). And what does k get to do when she's sniffling and sneezing? Dang near anything she pleases. Which means...we play the fabulous spoon-the-cheerios game!

K is, as of late, fascinated with spoons and the concept of spooning. And what's more fun to spoon than a godzilla-sized jar of cheerios?
When does all the wild and zany fun end, you ask? Of course when the inevitable happens...

For anyone who's wondering, that's k's "you know you had it comin, mama" look.

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christine mi said...

kids are so funny. who needs toys when kitchen things can keep them so busy? g prefers a pot and spoon to his real toys any day.