Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rice + Snow = happy girls

When J usually tells me he has to be away on business, I am likely to go find the remote control and wear it around my neck, like an amulet. The morning was rough, with K spilling a bowl of yogurt on the rug. And the afternoon was more the same, with K refusing to eat anything at the mall and treating me to a solid dose of whining. So imagine my surprise when 5:30pm rolled around and I realized we hadn't hit the TV power button on even once. In all my conceit to be supermom for the day, I offered the following alternatives:

Rice play (or rice clean-up)

Snow + Food coloring

I will likely have rice maggots in the morning and don't know if my girl's hands will ever return to their normal skin tone from hot pink and violent purple, but it's a relief to know that nick jr. on demand isn't the only way for a single mom to maintain her sanity on cold winter nights.

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