Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yet another transition: the end of the era of co-sleeping

Most hippie/treehugger/attachment parenting parents will rattle off two dozen reasons to justify what is warily viewed by the american society at large as co-sleeping. But one reason that didn't occur to me until earlier this week is this: It's CHEAP.

Yes, cheap as in easy on the bank account. Now that J and I have decided to transition K to her own bed (we actually decided this many moons ago but have finally overcome inertia to do it), I realize that this is an expenisve undertaking. I do worry how we will manage to eat in the next few months. Just a brief list of the buying frenzy below.

1. The mattress - the most important, the most headache. Apparently buying an organic mattress requires either a doctor's prescription or a swiss bank account. We have neither but we managed to find one that didn't require a 20-year payment plan. Considering that most organic mattresses can easily run $1000+, this was an unbelievable find:

2. Bedding - fun to shop for, but my credit card was wincing. The selection for modern children's bedding has really exploded as of late, with exclusive baby bedding designers like Dwell studio and Serena and Lily unveiling a collection of utterly desirable prints at corresponding steep prices. I tried quite valiantly to justify buying this:

or this:

and gasp, my heart stopped at experiencing this:

In the end, I hoped K would be better served by my preserving her college funds and buying this:

I love the print (K is obsessed with the eiffel tower lately) and it's eco-friendly - how can I ask for more?

3. The bed. Ah, this is where I let go of the reigns of financial discipline and let my heart lead me down the path of desire and debt. This bed had me at hello:

But then my heart was divided when my eyes happened upon this:

And how close would I come to buying something that cost more than the annual energy supply for a small nation:

I haven't decided on the bed yet as this is a big investment and J is starting to look nervous. Ideally I would love to go bohemian chic and hit my local flea market to find a bed frame that i can refurbish and then upholster a headboard. But who am I kidding - at that rate K won't have a bed until 2015.
Another long night of online shopping lies ahead.

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christine mi said...

Wow, K really is growing up! We have to transition G to a twin bed soon too because he's getting too tall for the crib. I'm afraid he'll fall out though. Maybe we'll start with a twin mattress on the floor until I can see for certain that he doesn't fall out for a couple months. Then I'll be in the same position thinking about bed frames.