Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Aspirator: Tool of relief or fiendish torture?

If J and I vehemently disagree about anything, it is but this: the use of the aspirator when K has a cold. J thinks all an aspirator accomplishes is in stretching out K's petite nostrils. I, on the other hand, hail the aspirator as the most important weapon in the battle against gallons of mucous congealed in K's sinuses. I don't know who's right, but I do know who suffers: K and only K. Just look at her!! Ok, this photo was taken nearly 18 months ago but that's not the point. 18 months later and I still wince when I see how helpless she is in this photo. If only babies weren't born so vulnerable. If only K could have snatched the aspirator from my grip and snapped "how'd you like to have something that's 25 times the size of your nose jammed up your nose??"
Fast forward 18 months later. K, now nearly 20 months, enduring her umpteenth cold, has finally found her voice. Today, when I neared her, aspirator in hand, she jumped and fled screaming "noooo!" And in the evening, as I was getting ready to put her down to sleep, she demanded "mama take booger out". Ah, what exuberant relief to finally be able to understand my child's wants and needs! Surely this will cut down on the amount of egregious mistakes I make as a parent. And if not, there's always psychotherapy. Just kidding!


christine mi said...

can you teach her to blow her nose? no idea how, but g has been copying us when we blow ours. this last cold, he thought it was funny to inhale/exhale vigorously as things flew out of his nose, so we went with it. we would applaud every time he did it. i just hope he doesn't do this booger flying trick randomly - strangers will not think it's cute.

atomania! said...

hi susan! miss you + the cuteness that's baby k (who's not so much a baby anymore). i can't believe she's talking already. will you be around thanksgiving weekend? finally, i'll be in md...would love to see you if you have the time .xoxo. jen

Shannon said...

We had to use the aspirator on Lawry last night: his first cold. He hates it. We have to hold his hands down while he moves his head side to side. Andrew and I both agree that it is necessary though. I vote for both a tool and a form of torture.