Friday, February 16, 2007

American plastic, you suck

So now that the universe of things about which I need be concerned (ie. tommorow's outfit for the office, how to brave the subway w/ a stroller) has shrunk dramatically, my mind has intensified its preoccupation on what few things remain. And when a 1st time mom intensifies her preoccupation with something, it ain't pretty folks. That's right - it's the N word.
Currently, I suffer from a full-blown case of neurosis with regard to all things PLASTIC. As of some 72 hours ago, I came across a credible report citing research studies showing that most baby toys, teethers, and bottles on the market are made of plastic that contain harmful toxins. I over-slept through most of Chem 101 so I can't pronounce half the toxins that I'm supposed to guard against, but here's a link with coherent info and a rundown on the good and bad of plastic used in baby goods:

It's worth noting that the U.S. is unique in it's present day use of the bad plastic to make baby toys and products, as the EU banned such use recently. So not only are European toys more attractive in design, they're actually better for babies! This fact and my growing anxiety over American farmers + cattle ranchers use of hormones and other naughty stuff (save for another post) makes me want to spend time in Europe/Asia until k is clearly is out of the danger zone (puberty?).

Here's k playing with a lovely non-plastic push toy and happily supporting her mother's neurosis. Atta girl.


christine mi said...

funny, i just posted about plastic on xanga too, thanks to you. :)
g misses k, even though he totally got pinned by her. i think she made him tougher - he slapped a couple of older boys at the baby gym last week.

Teresa said...

i guest you are right plastic are suck! if why it's cheap & light weight.